CAYLA DOLL- The Revolutionary Doll

The most fascinating and outstanding creation of Bob Delprincipe from Las Vegas, says: "She's not a search engine; she's a seven-year-old girl. The CAYLA doll is very well designed she can move and talk like a real child it feels to have a real kid who can speak, listen and answer your questions it’s really kind of amazing.
CAYLA Doll is an intelligent living toy with all beautiful looks and features we can say that she is all in one beauty with brain, now there is no need to buy and wander for other dolls and toy stuffs my friend CAYLA doll is much more than every toy. She comes with hair brush and a mirror she has long fair hair and trendy cute clothes have beautiful eyes and a bright smile on her face. She is designed to play the role of virtual friends, launched at the annual Toy Fair at London’s Olympia exhibition centre.
CAYLA loves to be friend of every kid she loves to tell about her family, hobbies her favorite food, pets, countries and she likes to give answers of tricky and complicated questions. She provide hints and tips help her friends in completing their homework. CAYLA is designed to sync with a Smartphone or tablet which allows her to recognize a the speech and conduct simple conversations, Questions are transposed into text using Google software which allow CAYLA , to search the web to find out the answers the doll then recites what she has found out.
CAYLA’S ability to surf web and search is limited by Google’s safe search technology; she cannot search and give reply to your unsuitable content or words. She is designed for a positive purpose with all positive attitudes. She is meant to be a real friend of every kid!